AMD is preparing a 5GHz – 8 core processor?

Although clock speed is not everything that makes an impressive performance in a processor, AMD is rumored going to add some heat in the market of high clock speed processors by launching a processor with a staggering 5GHz clock speed!

The rumors are not detailed yet, but the processor mentioned there; is going to adopt the Vischera architecture with codename Centurion. Other source said that the processor will be an addition in the FX variant with 8 core technology.

AMD FX Series Processor Unlocked

Today, the highest FX variant processor from AMD is the FX-8350 series with 4.2 GHz clock speed. Whilst its competitor from Intel comes with 3.9GHz clock speed available in the Core i7 variant. Quoted from Megagames on Wednesday (April 17, 2013), the new breed of the FX variant will be a “limited edition” of its kind with USD 795 price tag.