BlackBerry Messenger Will Be Available on Android and iOS soon!

The BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which once exclusively available on BlackBerry handset will soon going to be available for Android and iOS! BGR technology media have received the screenshot of the BBM instance running on Samsung Galaxy S III handset. It is only the screenshot of the startup screen, but from there you can imagine what it will be and look like on Android or iOS.

BBM on Android informed that the beta version of the BBM for Android and iOS is available for testing (for selected user only). They also have some screenshots of the application. Quoted from MacRumors on August 2nd 2013, BBM will be available for Android and iOS users on Google Play and App Store in September 2013.

The terms and requirements for Android and iOS users to be able to use the BBM is not clear yet, will they have to enter some PIN or enough with just phone number or email address? Let’s wait and see. The CEO of BlackBerry – Thorsten Heins promised that the BBM will be functioning at its maximum performance on other platforms.