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Best Digital Cameras Under $200

Best Digital Cameras under $200 - Samsung WB250FLooking for a digital camera for under $200? The rapid growth of technology in the field of photography makes more types of digital cameras available on the market. In addition to the standard features usually found on digital cameras, some cameras also have many extra features, ranging from video recording to tone selection. Its small size, practicality, and affordable price make the digital camera chosen by many people to capture memorable moments with family or friends, not only that; there are some kinds of digital camera that can be used in wet environment (waterproof digital cameras).

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Best DSLR Cameras for Beginner

Canon EOS Rebel T3iIf you’re a beginner in photography, buying the Best DSLR Cameras for Beginner will always require great considerations. Well, for any of you who have no information in how to get such best DSLR camera to use for your first experience in photography, there are some options to choose indeed. You can actually conduct review and comparison in how to choose such best DSLR camera for your photography hobby. Well, there are two basic options of DSLR camera which I will discuss here; Canon EOS Rebel T3i and Nikon D5100.

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Best Waterproof Camera Under $300

If you love to do underwater photography or just want to point and shoot on things you see under water, then one of these best waterproof cameras under $300 can sure help you. They can be the tough, practical companion you’ll want to bring on all your outdoor adventures, making it possible to capture truly impressive still images and video while doing what you love. Continue reading