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Best MP3 Players for Less Than $200

Best MP3 Players for Less Than $200 - Philips GoGEAR Raga 2GBDo you like to listen to music when on the move but you don’t want to use your phone as a player because its batteries might run out quickly? Nowadays there are many MP3 players for less than $200 available on the market, one of the most famous MP3 players are the product of Apple Computer; the iPod. Other than iPod there are many MP3 players that have a lot of features similar to the iPod. Usually, in addition to playing music, some MP3 players can also play videos. Its small, lightweight, and resistant to shocks make an MP3 player favored by many people ranging from children to adults.

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Best External Hard Drives for Less Than $100

best external hard drives under $100 - Transcend 1TBHave you ever lost your precious data because of computer malfunction? Do not let the same thing happen again; backup your data regularly to external storage media such as flash disks, DVDs, or external hard drives. It is recommended to use an external hard drive for backup because in addition to greater capacity, data transfer speed is also faster than other media. Other than that; external hard drives are usually equipped with special software created to make backups on a scheduled basis and some are equipped with software that can protect your data from theft and unauthorized access.

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Best Graphics Cards for Less Than $500

Asus GTX760-DC2OC If you are a graphic designer, video editor, or a gamer then you definitely need a PC that is capable of processing and displaying images quickly and with quality. To achieve all this, it’s not enough just to rely on the performance of the PC processor alone; you need a powerful graphics card to support that processor. A graphics card has its own memory so it will not interfere with the remaining RAM on your PC. The larger the memory on a graphics card then the price will be more expensive. But if you’ve got a bit of a financial problem, no need to worry; we have compiled some of the best graphics cards for less than 500 dollars.

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Best Flat Screen Computer Monitors Under $300

ViewSonic VA2037A-LED 20-Inch LED-Lit LCD Monitor Are you still using a CRT monitor for your computer? Then your eyes must be very tired because of it. Replace your CRT monitor soon with a flat screen monitor! Flat screen monitors price is not too expensive, some even less than 300 dollars. Flat screen monitors both LCD and LED can display images that are much better than CRT monitors, and your eyes will not get tired quickly. Not only that, a flat screen monitor is very lightweight and requires little electrical power so you can save some money on your electricity bill.

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