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Top 5 PC Speakers Under $300

Top 5 PC speakers under $300 - Logitech X-530 5.1 Speaker SystemDo you hate the silence when you’re working in front of your PC but you need something that can provide greater sound than headphones? If yes, then you need a good speaker to be paired with your PC. A great PC speaker does not have to be expensive, there are many choices of quality PC speakers priced under $300 that you can have. If you want PC speakers that can provide sound effects as you hear in the movie theater, it is recommended to choose a speaker with three or more channels and equipped with an amplifier that features Dolby Surround or DTS.

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Best Affordable iPod/iPhone Docks

Philips DC290Do you have an iPod or iPhone? If your answer is yes; then you must be familiar with docks. Looking for the best and affordable iPod/iPhone docks is not an easy task because ever since the first iPod was released, a large variety of docks have been developed that allow people to amplify the sound of their iPod and charge its battery at the same time. These docks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and price tags. Most of these docks offer good sound quality in a compact and durable package. Not to mention, some have several functionalities that are worth noting as well.

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Best Portable Speakers for Under 50 Dollars

Buying portable speaker can become so much challenging for people. If you want to get Best Portable Speakers for Under 50 Dollars, you need to pay attention on several considerations. The first step you should do is to determine the daily usage of the speakers, whether for music, movies, or game. If you look certain speaker for music, you should choose speakers with at least 2 channels. For movies or game, you should choose speakers with at least 5 channels so you will get the sound effects like in movie theater. But, it may cost you more money because 5 channels multimedia speaker system is quite expensive. Next consideration is not to easily provoke by the large watt. It is a big mistake when people choose to buy speakers that have big watts because it is believed to have good sound quality.

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