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Google Now vs Siri, Which One is Smarter?

Google Now and Apple’s Siri is a digital assistant that has been improved since last year. When both pitted, which one is smarter? This thing is what Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster trying to find out. Testing is done by Munster by giving 800 same questions to Siri and Google Now. The goal is measuring accuracy and understanding in answering the questions.

google now logo


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Among the 800 questions, half were asked in the room, the other half outdoors. The questions themselves based on five categories: local information, commerce, navigation, general information, and order.

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DirectX 12 Is Coming!

DirectX 12The next generation of Microsoft DirectX is officially announced at an event in San Francisco called Game Developers Conference. Microsoft claims the Application Programming Interface (API) inside DirectX 12 is faster and more efficient than its predecessor.

Based on calculations obtained through 3DMark, Microsoft DirectX 12 is capable in providing 50% increment in terms of hardware utilization on a PC. In other words, game developers will be more freely to utilize the entire computing core in graphic processing.

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