Cool! A Cross Platform Controller!

Cross – a fund raising website for creative projects is now got an interesting project on their hand, a cross platform controller! With code name ‘Cross Plane’ this controller will be compatible with PlayStation3, Xbox 360, and PC.

The design and shape of the Cross Plane seems to be quite similar to Nintendo Wii U controller which in the center has a screen that surrounded with buttons, the screen is for playing a game that streamed directly from the connected console.

However to be able to be used on a different gaming consoles, the Cross Plane is apparently relying on a cartridge to be plugged in the controller section, each cartridge represents each game console that will be paired.

They need to collect at least $350,000 to realize the project. The price that will be offered later called to be in the range of $349 and is planned to launch in May 2014.