DirectX 12 Is Coming!

DirectX 12The next generation of Microsoft DirectX is officially announced at an event in San Francisco called Game Developers Conference. Microsoft claims the Application Programming Interface (API) inside DirectX 12 is faster and more efficient than its predecessor.

Based on calculations obtained through 3DMark, Microsoft DirectX 12 is capable in providing 50% increment in terms of hardware utilization on a PC. In other words, game developers will be more freely to utilize the entire computing core in graphic processing.

Gamers as an end-user will see a significant results in graphics quality compared to DirectX 11. With more efficient hardware utilization, the hardware specifications required to obtain the best graphics quality doesn’t have to be super. Even so, for some purposes; a monster hardware specs is required.

What about hardware that only support DirectX 11? Microsoft said that graphic cards with DirectX 11 are still capable of implementing all features contained in DirectX 12.