Google Now vs Siri, Which One is Smarter?

Google Now and Apple’s Siri is a digital assistant that has been improved since last year. When both pitted, which one is smarter? This thing is what Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster trying to find out. Testing is done by Munster by giving 800 same questions to Siri and Google Now. The goal is measuring accuracy and understanding in answering the questions.

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Among the 800 questions, half were asked in the room, the other half outdoors. The questions themselves based on five categories: local information, commerce, navigation, general information, and order.

Munster found out that Siri uses Google as its search source only 3% of all questions, a significant decline from 27% in Google’s reliance on December 2012. Instead, Siri uses Bing as the default search engine and Apple Maps for navigation questions. Siri is also able to answer 4% of all questions, up from 1% in December 2013.

“We believe Siri will continue to increase the number of requests when answering without consulting outside sources,” Munster said, as reported by Cnet, Thursday (24/07/2014). Siri also performed well in the competition by being able to set aside the data from more than one source and sort the results based on the distance specified. In the end, Siri receives the value of B-, an improvement from C+ that given in December 2013.

While Google Now more accurate by answering 86% of all questions, including hearing correctly. As for Siri, only 84% of all questions can be resolved. Google Now’s strongest skill is finding the navigation data, as well as general and local information. For the final tally, Google Now brings home the value of B, up from a C+ given last December.