Google releases special applications for people with hearing impairments

Google is working to improve its service capabilities for all Android users, including those who suffer from hearing impairment or deaf people with two applications called Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier.

This Live Transcribe application works to help users with deficiencies in hearing fully, so they can have conversations with people who cannot understand sign language.

As the name suggests, Live Transcribe functions to create speech-related transcripts, generated by cloud-based automatic conversation recognition systems. Transcripts are automatically displayed on the screen.

That way, users with hearing impairments can read and respond via conversation or text. Google developed this application with partners at Gallaudet University to ensure its important features.

What about the Sound Amplifier application? According to the CNET report, the application can help users who have hearing deficiencies in everyday situations.

Google also mentioned that the application was available in more than 70 languages ​​when it was launched. Later, the Sound Amplifier helps change the cellphone and headphones of deaf users to become hearing aids.

Not only does it help increase the volume of the sound slowly, it also has the task of filtering the sound in the background as well as possible. The application has a sliding lever option to find the right amplification sound.

Live Transcribe is available on phones that run Google’s Android Lollipop operating system, released in 2014, or later versions. Sound Amplifier is available on Android Pie, released in August. There are no plans yet to bring the tools to Apple’s iPhones.

Source: CNET