iPhone 5G Launch is Delayed

Intel executives say that the latest 5G modem chip will be used in 2020 smartphones. That means, Apple, which is Intel’s biggest customer, can only launch a 5G iPhone next year. Sandra Rivera, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Network Platforms Group, Intel announced this at an event in California, United States, as reported by Digital Trends. She said, Intel will indeed give a sample of 5G modems to customers this year. However, they estimate, the products that use the chip will only reach the public next year.

Intel will finish developing the 5G modem chip this year. Even so, they do not mention when the availability of mobile phones that use the chip to the hands of consumers around the world. Rivera also said, 5G non-consumer products, such as network devices, will be released this year. Unfortunately, it is not yet known how this will affect Apple. Chances are, they will not be able to make an iPhone compatible with the 5G network this year. Previously, there were reports that Apple would launch the iPhone 5G next year.

Apple executives have discussed with Samsung and MediaTek regarding the 5G modem to be planted on the iPhone which was released this year. However, the results of the discussion are unknown until now.

Source: digitaltrends