Best Digital Cameras Under $200

Best Digital Cameras under $200 - Samsung WB250FLooking for a digital camera for under $200? The rapid growth of technology in the field of photography makes more types of digital cameras available on the market. In addition to the standard features usually found on digital cameras, some cameras also have many extra features, ranging from video recording to tone selection. Its small size, practicality, and affordable price make the digital camera chosen by many people to capture memorable moments with family or friends, not only that; there are some kinds of digital camera that can be used in wet environment (waterproof digital cameras).

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Best MP3 Players for Less Than $200

Best MP3 Players for Less Than $200 - Philips GoGEAR Raga 2GBDo you like to listen to music when on the move but you don’t want to use your phone as a player because its batteries might run out quickly? Nowadays there are many MP3 players for less than $200 available on the market, one of the most famous MP3 players are the product of Apple Computer; the iPod. Other than iPod there are many MP3 players that have a lot of features similar to the iPod. Usually, in addition to playing music, some MP3 players can also play videos. Its small, lightweight, and resistant to shocks make an MP3 player favored by many people ranging from children to adults.

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Google Now vs Siri, Which One is Smarter?

Google Now and Apple’s Siri is a digital assistant that has been improved since last year. When both pitted, which one is smarter? This thing is what Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster trying to find out. Testing is done by Munster by giving 800 same questions to Siri and Google Now. The goal is measuring accuracy and understanding in answering the questions.

google now logo


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Among the 800 questions, half were asked in the room, the other half outdoors. The questions themselves based on five categories: local information, commerce, navigation, general information, and order.

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Best External Hard Drives for Less Than $100

best external hard drives under $100 - Transcend 1TBHave you ever lost your precious data because of computer malfunction? Do not let the same thing happen again; backup your data regularly to external storage media such as flash disks, DVDs, or external hard drives. It is recommended to use an external hard drive for backup because in addition to greater capacity, data transfer speed is also faster than other media. Other than that; external hard drives are usually equipped with special software created to make backups on a scheduled basis and some are equipped with software that can protect your data from theft and unauthorized access.

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