Steam Machines – A New Game Console From Valve

Steam Controller

Steam Controller

I think this is good news for gamers out there; a new game console is going to enter the world of the gaming industry. It’s called the Steam Machines; this game console from Valve is officially confirmed using AMD as its primary engine.

Valve has prepared at least 300 prototypes of Steam Machines with various hardware combination and configuration. Major brand like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD is inside those 300 prototypes that are being tested by 300 lucky users with Steam account.

It’s a possibility that Steam Machines will also using chip from Intel and Nvidia, because Valve will make Steam Machines available in some variant. What interesting about this console is that it’s designed to play PC games, unlike PS4 or Xbox that has its own game format. Using SteamOS as its operating system, Valve is doing lots of optimization to make it run smoothly on Steam Machines.

Another thing that is interesting about this console is its controller; people from Valve call it the Steam Controller. This controller is unique, instead of buttons and analog joystick; it has a pair of round-shaped track pad that can be customized according to our needs.