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Best Portable Speakers for Under 50 Dollars

Buying portable speaker can become so much challenging for people. If you want to get Best Portable Speakers for Under 50 Dollars, you need to pay attention on several considerations. The first step you should do is to determine the daily usage of the speakers, whether for music, movies, or game. If you look certain speaker for music, you should choose speakers with at least 2 channels. For movies or game, you should choose speakers with at least 5 channels so you will get the sound effects like in movie theater. But, it may cost you more money because 5 channels multimedia speaker system is quite expensive. Next consideration is not to easily provoke by the large watt. It is a big mistake when people choose to buy speakers that have big watts because it is believed to have good sound quality.

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Top 5 Wireless Routers Under $200

Top 5 Wireless Routers Under $200 | If you have a big house and you need wifi signal to be available everywhere inside your house, then you need one of these top 5 wireless routers installed to make it happen. These wireless routers can also be used as a range extender, just plug it into any AC outlet near the area where you are getting a weak signal from your existing wireless router. It will capture your wifi signal and rebroadcast it for another 100-150 feet, for a total of around 300 ft. Continue reading

Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100

Gaming Keyboards Under $100 | If you’re a gamer, your choice of the right gaming keyboard could be the difference between winning and losing. Gaming keyboard offers more than basic typing functionality, adding features like custom-color back-lighting, some programmable keys, statistic tracking, text and audio communication, and touchscreen displays. These are the best gaming keyboards under $100 to help you winning the game! Continue reading

Best Gaming Mouse Under $100

A good gaming mouse is highly essential especially if you’re a hardcore gamer, but if you’re on a tight budget you might want to consider the following best gaming mouse under $100. Before you go and start swiping your cards, there are two main things to consider in selecting a good gaming mouse, which are:

Ergonomics are crucial during long gaming sessions to reduce fatigue and improve grip and control over the mouse.

A good gaming mouse will offer reliable connectivity, smooth and responsive tracking, and basic click and scroll functions. Additional features is a plus value.

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