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Top 5 Gaming Computer Cases

Thermaltake Level 10 GT

If you are a gamer and prefer a PC rather than a gaming console such as: PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, etc, then a good computer case is an essential factor to your gaming experience. A gaming computer case is not only good looking but also has more features compared to a standard computer case; it has more expansion ports for your peripherals, a bigger power supply, better cooling system, and many more.

Before deciding to buy a gaming computer case, you need to know what kind of gaming rigs you would like to build. If you would like to build a gaming monster that sits firmly on your desk then a full tower case is the one for you, but if you want a gaming machine that you can carry with you to a LAN parties or tournaments then a mid tower case is the one to consider.

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Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100 | Enjoy the heart-pumping sound-blast of those sound effects from your favorite games in complete privacy with these best gaming headphones under 100 dollars, tested by countless professional gamers to determine the optimal weight for extended gaming sessions as well as for unparalleled comfort on the go. Gaming headphones usually comes with built-in adjustable microphone so that gamers can talk their strategies throughout the game with their teammates, this means a better and effective communication between them that can leads to victory. Continue reading

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